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Wedding Planning

I'm not sure if I could possibly be more excited for my wedding... although I bet the closer it gets, the more excited I will become... I literally can barely wait!! Over Spring Break, I got so many planning details done. I love planning my wedding so much. I think I might be sad when I get back from Jamaica just because it's all over... :( Here is my To Do list that I've been going through:

- Address Inner Envelopes X
- Burn CDs, put together favors X
- Write ceremony programs X
- Print Response Cards X
- Print Reception Cards X
- Plan Bridesmaids meeting(s) X
- Make Wedding Day Schedule for important peeps
- Make Guest List into cards [with all information] X
- Get stamps X
- Make guest baskets X
- E-mail Aunt her reading X
- Order Table Linens X
- Order cake topper X
- Honeymoon playlist
- E-mail Kelti her reading X
- Start Honeymoon packing list X
- Think of a ring inscription X [Totus Tuus]
- Finish mybella website
- Find out about sodering/engraving X
- Add Nathan's music to ITunes X
- Reception playlists
- Take full invite to post office... # of stamps? X
- Cut Reception Cards X
- Get wedding bands engraved X
- Call Notre Dame... resend info X
- Order M&Ms

I still have 4 items left to complete. 80 more days.......

Also, I am not supposed to know about my bridal shower, but I'm excited for it. I have deduced when it will be which just makes me more excited. I also know my bridesmaids are involved, and so I know it's going to be great. There is something exciting happening almost every weekend until the wedding:

- THIS Saturday: I get to try on my dress!! First Fitting. EEEEEEEE!!!
- Nothing the following weekend...
- May 9th No Wedding-related things, but it is my sister's graduation; Mother's day/Mom's bday
- May 16th MY BRIDAL SHOWER!! & my sister's graduation
- May 23rd send wedding invitations :-D
- May 29th Last Day of School
- June 6th Probably date of the Bridesmaids meeting
- June 19th Expecting Response Cards back. -> At this point, I will be able to figure out where people will be sitting (I get to fill out a diagram!!! I already have the colors of the table runners figured out) and I will get to write out the place cards. I will be so close.

Right now, I'm still 80 days away, but already, I can almost taste the wedding cake. *Le sigh* I really can't wait until my wedding, but at the same time, I feel like when it's all over, I'm going to miss being engaged. :( It's a pickle. I love Calvin... I'm just going to try to take it one step at a time...

God, please give me patience!

<3 SQ